Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Meet TaTa

Hello, blogging world. And hellllllllllo, KK. I've got some questions for you. You know you can't just come out in the world and declare that you're a fat kid without establishing yourself. So, I'm going to run you through a series of questions that'll show the world that you really what you say you are. Otherwise, who would believe you? Also, thanks for entertaining me today after my run. Aren't you proud that I didn't go to Brown Betty and get a cupcake? Can we do a blog about Brown Betty?

Okay, no really, it's interview time. Here goes:

First of all, does SJ know you're a fat kid? Is this a secret you have to hide from your boyfriend?

What's your favorite food to eat? What's your favorite food to cook, for that matter?

Is there any restaurant in the world that you just CANNOT say no to?

What qualifications can you bring to our fat kid blog? What MAKES you a Fatty McNotSlim?

Are there any food trends that just don't do it for you?

If you had your own food t.v. show, what would the theme be?

Can skinny cooks be trusted?

What's your favorite part of any good meal?

What are your hobbies aside from being a fat kid?

This last one is just something I've been wondering about... Where have all the cowboys gone?

Can't wait for your answers!

Fat Kid Moira approves of Chef Krystina's cooking!

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